Saturday, 3 November 2018

The Court of Social Media

9.00am on a late October morning. Scene: Waiting room for the overground train at Willesden Junction station. Almost everyone seems to be scrolling on their phones, or listening to something (myself included). Nothing unusual,except one woman is playing music loudly on her phone, disturbing everyone. After a respectable nod to British reserve, people inform her that her music is disturbing everyone, and ask her to stop. She responds that her music isn't loud. Impasse. But after a few seconds, and man starts filming her on his iphone. She goes up to him, and says that he is infringing her human rights. Everybody laughs. After a brief pause, she picks up her belongings and leaves.

She didn't seem to care about other people's basic rights, but the threat of an appearance in the court of social media is too much to bear.


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